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about us

Years of experience in industrial laundry machinery by the managers of Texprofin combined with the strength of a large engineering and manufacturing company in the textile industry creates an excellent foundation to create a large player in technical solutions for industrial laundries. 


Our partner Matthys Group supports us with their 50.000 m² large production facility,+100 staff and 50 engineers for mechanical design and software development and state-of-the art production equipment.

‘Made in Belgium’ stands for top quality.  It is with this strive to perfection, and a passion for technique that we will take a leap forward.

We specialize in towelfolders and bring real innovation without any complexity to your laundry.

Our long term goal is to become the market leader in fully automated towelfolding lines.

We would be pleased to welcome you to our production site in Desselgem. 

management team

Amongst the many workers we are proud to present you our key management team :

Yves Dabrowiecki

Yves Dabrowiecki


As a  co-founder he is proud to take the challenge to guide our company into the future.

He has 8 years of experience in industrial laundry machinery and can count on the trust of many laundries and international dealers.

Dimitri Cokelaere

Dimitri Cokelaere

Engineering Director

Dimi joined the Team end of 2021 and he brings a lot of experience on board.   


Dimi is not unknown to the laundry industry, as a mechanical engineer he developed industrial ironers and with this background knowlegde he is well aware of the specific needs of the laundry industry. 


A further experience was gathered in a recycling industry where he developed tailor made, high-end industrial systems. 

We welcome his enthusiasm, his passion for mechanical engineer and dedication to perfection ! 

Cristian Daly

Cristian Daly Cousino

Sales & marketing Director

Co-founder Cristian has 30 years of experience as a laundry owner and created the second largest laundry in Chili.  As a end user of industrial machinery he knows what is needed.

He is leading by enthousiasm and a kind of inspiring trust for the people around him.

Cristian is developing the sales and will be the main motivator in our sales team worldwide.

Thijs Parmentier

Thijs Parmentier

Head of Automation

Thijs joined the Team beginning of 2024 and is dedicated to bring our robotisation to the next level. 


He always showed a high interest in innovative and new technologies. During his career, he already gained a lot of experience in a variety of industries. 

Aside from his expertise in high end applications, Thijs remains hands-on.

We warmly welcome Thijs to our team.


He will lead our automation into the future.

David Wollants

David Wollants

Operations Director

Co-founder David has 20 years of experience in selling and installing industrial laundry machines worldwide. 


He is helping our large engineering departement to develop laundry solutions that are excelling in every aspect.

David has been the driving force in setting up the company and created a very strong foundation.

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