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Texprofin Servo Folders offer 

Best ergonomics

succion feeding table towelfolder Texprofin

Texprofin Servo Towelfolders allow for an ease of feeding adjusted to the height of the operator.  Increased ergonomics have become an important issue for operators that have to feed all day long, day after day and week after week. The feeding table can be adjusted automatically to 4 positions allowing for small and tall people to feed in a comfortable position.

Exceptional performance

fastest towelfolder

Texprofin Servo folders run at speeds twice as fast as comparable machinery.  Thanks to variable speed and ingenious mechanical design, the blades ensure high speed but smooth movements, without the disadvantages on wear and tear of linen or machinery.

Effortless maintenance

effortless maintenance texprofin folder

Important parts are accessible at chest height, and motors and drive systems are easily accessibly in all components of the folder.  All motors are identical, and all parts are built to last.  No plastic guiding tapes on rollers.  No grip tape on rollers to avoid slipping of the belts, but a smart construction of crowned rollers, ensures perfect belt tracking at high speed with no slip.

All-in-one interface

all-in-one interface texprofin towelfolder

All our towelfolders are equipped with a large touchpanel, allowing for good eyesight and ease of control.  This panel is used for instruction video's how to operate or service the folder.  All the manuals and diagrams are available via the screen.  Texprofin's service technician can remotely access the machine anywhere when network access is available.

Smart software

smart software texprofin towelfolder

In conventional folders, slip phenomena  occur at various locations and lead to continuous finetuning of the folder.  In Texprofin’s folder smart mechanical design is combined to a smart software, allows the operator to get the best out of the servo motors.

Highest safety

highest safety texprofin towelfolder

Safety comes with a cost but avoids incidents and accidents.  Our towel folder was developed to avoid hazardous situations and keep the machine easy to access for maintenance and operations.


Servo Xtreme

A towel folder equipped with blades able to achieve a longfold (French fold) very precisely, extremely fast and always spot on is what Texprofin is offering.

A towelfolder that avoids jams and has controllable speed. This creates a variety of possibilities that allow folding of many articles like towels, airline blankets, garments, t-shirts, and much more at the highest possible speed without quality loss.


To be able to do all of the above in a towel folding machine some innovations had to be made.  Texprofin’s folders have been developed completely from scratch based on the combined expertise of a laundry owner and operators and a laundry equipment manufacturer, both united within Texprofin’s management team with one goal, the development of the best towel folder​. 

The result is astonishing.  It allows for a truly different way of folding full dry articles, no concern about air blast duration, speed or if a fold was executed well or not.  No abrupt and rough air pistons movements, only smooth, fast and precise servo motors movements.

The development was done taking the highest safety standards into account. Servo Xtreme towelfolder will do the job extremely well, hence the name.

Towelfolders Servitex
Towelfolders Laundry Roxy Belgium
Towelfolders Laundry De Mandel, Belgium
Gafner Servo Xtreme

Servo precision

Towel folders with an air blast to ensure the long fold are commonly used by industrial laundries. Initially air blast towel folders had been used to circumvent the disadvantages of some early mechanical long fold techniques.

The main advantage of this air blast machines is the simplified mechanical design of the longfold with less mechanical components, so less maintenance requirements and a relatively high production speed. These machines are usually less expensive as they have fewer mechanical components.

The drawback of air blast folding machines is that the fold quality can’t be guaranteed especially for long and heavy items. 


For customers processing very similar and relatively small or standardized items, this could be the best match between requirements and machine performance. The Servo Precision towel folder is Texprofin's answer to laundries facing this challenge!

The right balance between machine performance and investment cost!

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