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Servo vision single

Robotisation Towelfolder


Servo vision twin

Towelfolder automation - Servo Twin Vision



Industrial laundries are continuously looking for ways to optimize production processes and remove bottlenecks in their dry work section. Manual feeding of towelfolder remains the main cause for the bottleneck. Because of shortages on the labour market, laundries struggle to find operators for that back-breaking and tedious feeding work. Even where operators can be found, production levels are relatively low and certainly not constant. 

The development of a fully automated towel folding line is key to remove that bottleneck and help laundries to achieve the necessary and essential production - and efficiency levels.


Existing solutions to replace manual feeding do not match the laundries' needs because of their excessively large footprint, fixed setup behind the folder, relatively low production levels and lack of flexibility to process easily items of different sizes. 


Texprofin took the laundries’ needs as minimum requirements right from the start and started the development of an automated towelfolding line.


Because we believe in the added value of "Made in Belgium", the development and manufacturing of our equipment are done in our factory located in Waregem, Belgium. 

Flexible setup

Texprofin's robot can be installed in the following configuration : 

- S shaped 

- L shaped 

- U shaped 

Texprofin is putting the last hand on the inline design so we will be able to offer all different setups.


Even manual feeding of the folder can still be achieved by tilting the exit conveyor in up position. 


servo vision

No belts no jams

Ingenious systems don’t have to be complex to achieve complex tasks.  The simplicity in mechanical design is embedded in our technology and we are proud to say that the only belts our robot has, are the belts of the exit conveyor to the folder.  The risk for jams has been drastically decreased by avoiding the use of belts and rotating axis.

High output & small footprint

Texprofin will guarantee a production between 900-1200 pieces / hour for SERVO VISION SINGLE, and 1800 pieces / hour for SERVO VISION TWIN.

Servo Vision will be able to deliver a high output on the smallest possible footprint.

Robotic arms & optical systems

The right optical systems, combined to the right robotic components are used where speed and accuracy are of paramount importance. Quick and accurate detection of the item's features is the key to success for an efficient succession of grasping actions. This guarantees accurate grasping actions at high speed and consequently high production. The unique combination of high-end robotic and vision components make sure the system can cope with different items, whatever the mix of items in a batch of linen.


The ROI of the Servo Xtreme & Servo Vision depends on the number of shifts a laundry runs and local labour cost.  Based on these variables, Texprofin guarantees ROI values between 1,5 and 4,5 years. Don't hesitate to contact us for detailed information about on return on investment plans.

SERVO XTREME best match

Texprofin's Xtreme towel folder is the guarantee for high production and consistent high folding quality levels. It easily processes 1.200 pieces / hour or more of mixed linen batches. Robustly built, low maintenance requirement and no jams folder is definitely the perfect match for our Servo Vision picker feeder in a fully automated towel folding line.   



FOLDER : Servo xtreme
ROBOT : servo vision

optional: Quality scanner

Towelfolder and robot.  Laundry automation made in Belgium by Texprofin.


900 pieces per hour mixed linen


The option of manual labour has been foreseen - for example to process fitted sheets.

Robotisation laundry
Texprofin & inovation laundry automation

servo vision twin

1800 pieces / hour mixed linen


The option of manual labour has been foreseen - for example to process fitted sheets.

Servo vision twin
Automated towelfolding line texprofin
Footprint plan Servo Vision Twin

  Servo vision scanner

  • seamless integrated in folder

  • no extra footprint

  • double sided scanning

  • clear, crisp and fast image processing

  • differentiating between logo's and stains

General information

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