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1. General

You may use this website and its information if you comply with the conditions in this text. Texprofin nv can change this conditions at any moment.

2. Intellectual rights of ownership

You recognize expressly that all the distributed information and data belong to and remain of Texprofin nv. The texts, pictures and other items on this website are protected by copyright. If you want to reproduce or distribute them, you must obtain the explicit permission from Texprofin nv, unless it’s not necessary according to the terms of the law of 30 June 1994 concerning the copyright and nearby rights. For example you have the right to download information of this website and to reproduce it for private use.


3. Make a link to the website of Texprofin nv

You may make a link on your own website to the start page of the site of Texprofin nv. The webpage where the link is made, has to disappear entirely and the URL of Texprofin nv has to be clearly visible. You may make other links to our website, after explicit written approval from Texprofin nv. You can send your request to Texprofin nv to the email mentionned in at the bottom of each page.


4. Liability for Texprofin nv

The information on the website from Texprofin nv is the result of conscientious study and analysis. Texprofin nv aims to give you accurate and complete information but for competition purposes in some cases not all the correct specifications can be put.


If the information on the website should be incomplete and/or should contains errors in technical specifications, then Texprofin nv cannot be hold responsible for it.  The sales person of the Texprofin will give you always the latest information possible and the website is not the main tool for sales processes.  Please inform with the sales person appointed for the latest update in the product range and the latest type of specifications.

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